The OBC quota issue has taken another interesting turn  of events with the Supreme Court of India staying the operation of the Calcutta High Court.

When the first Supreme Court order had been announced, it appeared that the majority decision was to treat “Graduation” as the benchmark for determining the creamy layer and to withdraw the otherwise obnoxious practice of “Reservation”.

 The order of HRD to the IIMs to go ahead with the reservations  therefore  appeared a “Contempt of Court”.  What happenned in Calcutta was that the High Court had to cinsider the legality of the HRD ministry order in the light of the Supereme Court decision.

The earlier decision of the Supreme Court was not a direction to IIMs to reserve seats and hence it is difficult to interpret the Calcutta High Court decision to stop the admission process of OBCs as a decision against Supreme Court.

It was surprising therefore to know that the Supreme Court today interpreted the Calcutta High Court decision and remarked that High Court cannot stay the order of the Supreme Court!

Hope Supreme Court will not go back on its decision on Creamy Layer though there is intense political pressure for the same.

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