Elvira Arellano entered the United States illegally in 1997, she made it all the way to Washington State where she was caught and deported.

Not the end of the story!

Elvira Arellano once again entered the United States in 2000, this time she was pregnant and very aware that a law was in place that allowed her baby to be declared a citizen if it was born here. She went to Illinois, had her baby, a boy she named Saul. She purchased a social security number from one of the many criminals who provide that service to Illegals and went to work at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, cleaning planes. She was arrested at O’Hare Airport in 2002 and was eventually convicted of working with a false Social Security Number.

This is where the story gets unbelievable! She was not deported right away (as she was back in 1997) and, because of her “anchor baby,” was free to fight the deportation order. Fight it she did for four years. Finally after four years of appeals and diversions, Ms. Arellano was ordered to report for deportation in August of 2006. Of course she didn’t! Instead, she found refuge with her son in a Chicago church. One year later, for some still unknown reason, she decided to leave her sanctuary and “fight for a change in immigration laws.” It was a short fight! She was arrested outside of Our Lady Queen of Angels church in Los Angeles church after an immigration rally and within 24-hours she was processed and deposited in Tijuana, Mexico.

No that’s still not the end of the story!

Ms. Arellano had the opportunity to bring her son with her when she was deported — she refused, opting instead to leave him with the Minister of the church that gave her refuge — he will eventually live with his godmother in Chicago and will eventually be used: they are talking about taking Saul on a tour of the United States to promote their cause.

Elvira Arellano, her supporters are saying, is a symbol of a government immigration policy that rips families apart.

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It isn’t the government immigration policy that ripped her family apart — she did that all by herself.

I’m not so cold-hearted that I don’t understand that most of the people who are here illegally just came here looking for a better life — most don’t intend to hurt anyone but a country can’t exist without laws and borders. We are a sovereign nation — we have laws and we have borders — anyone who does not respect our laws and our borders simply does not belong here.

I can even feel a modicum of sympathy for Elvira Arellano but the facts are: she came here illegally (twice), she broke our laws, she used her son to avoid deportation, she became a criminal fugitive, she abandoned her son and now she is back where she belongs. I hope she understands, however, that she willingly left her son in the hands of people who will use him, any way they can, to promote their lie.

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