The Democrats really disappointed voters today, with a non response to the Bush speech last night. All the positioning before the election, all the threats, the promises of change in the war before the election, and…….. as was reported elsewhere on this Network “Pelosi Bans smoking in the Capital”. Yes that’s about it. They drag out Barack Obama, who appears to be a nice young man, whose grasp of the issues, is a series of interconnected sound bites.  The Democrats are using this young Senator, who seems to be unsure of exactly why he is thrust in front of the cameras. Obama has yet to build any credibility ouside the Illinois State Senate, they need to let him build a record for himself, or they will ruin his political future . The party has at least been wise enough to keep John Murtha off the radar. Senator Kennedy, keeps on point before and after each election, but he stands alone. Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi is going to have to speak to the press, on a regular basis, and changing the flower boxes outside the Capital, will not keep the momentum up for the Democrats. A platform of “not being the republicans” isn’t going to be enough to impress the voters. It looks like the best chance the Republicans have for keeping the White house in two years, Is keeping Nancy Pelosi on CNN each week. 


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