Whenever comments are made regarding dissenting opinions made by both Liberals and Conservative there never seems to be a substantiation of their principles based on a school of intellectualism that anchors the arguments. Discussions always gravitate towards emotional perceptions of issues rather than the underlying philosophical precepts that constitute the essential components of a particular understanding of political beliefs, albeit a justification of one’s guiding principles of life. Is this because American’s have surrendered the long held appreciation of what it means to integrate reason and intellectual capabilities into our everyday human existence? Perhaps the void of intellectual banter has been relegated to the sound bytes that bombard our daily lives as heralds of media truth instead of the manipulated pieces of information which indeed they truly are!
Collectively, as an American society, intellectualism is not advocated as a positive aspiration or a behavioral trait solicited by corporate entities. Corporate entities quite often in America don’t want employees with a true appreciation towards intellectualism, they prefer passive cerebral activity from their employees, simply because it is easier for the corporation to manipulate employees that are malleable towards their corporate social initiatives. So indeed, the question remains unanswered, where are the novice intellectuals in American society, or have we degenerated into a culture of just sensory receptors without the ability for higher intellectual capabilities?

Throughout the primary elections it has become clearly evident that Americans of college age that embrace the ideological school of thought to which Bernie Sanders subscribes, do not have a intellectual understanding of the implications of supporting an avowed socialist! Echoes of the Glory Days of the 1960’s, visions of Woodstock and saving the environment are paradoxical myths of the realities of living in a socialistic society. Has anyone ever intellectually challenged the motivations that have resulted in the popularity of Bernie Sanders among college campus’? Right reason, and the intellectual aspirations of socialism has never entered into the equation. Alarming, very! An lack of intellectualism on college campus’, most assuredly yes. The potentiality of a misunderstanding of what constitutes the American political system and why it is uniquely different from other forms of government, especially socialism is an explosion waiting to happen. Are there no forums on college campus’ that incorporate, The Federalist Papers as part of the academic curriculum? If not, we are sliding quickly down the slippery slope towards a depreciation of the values of the American Republic.

While it appears that intellectualism is an endangered species among our American society, especially as the general norm on campus’ of higher learning, its scarcity indicates an intellectual vacuum of the capacity to produce individuals with the capability to produce works of high reason and critical thoughts. Are we consigned to an existence of banal expressions that command us to, “Make America Great Again,” or “Make America Whole,” as the highest expression of intellectualism America can produce! Quotes, for a tee shirt, or perhaps a refrigerator magnet. How boring and unintelligible as a rallying point that promotes nationalism or perhaps the penultimate expressions of a candidates worthiness to occupy the Oval Office! Such sound bytes of declarative expressions intended for bumper stickers don’t constitute the intellectual justifications of any political school of thought, let alone any potentiality to achieve a restoration of the American Dream! We demand better justifications from politicians that clearly and intellectually identify the existential pathology of what political parties and candidates actually believe. Theocratic institutions present their, Credo, institutions and successful businesses have, “statements of purpose.” Why can’t Americans intellectually elaborate political and social beliefs in a similar representational Credo that leaves nothing to misunderstanding.

Equivocally, intellectualism demands a tangible expression of what is envisioned in the mind of the Intellectuals. If a Renaissance of Intellectualism ever comes to fruition in America, on college and university campus’ and through a resurgence of American economic superiority it must be visibly apparent with tangible results that are reflective in our society. Intellectualism will indeed experience great success in America if and when Americans ignore the finely edited information they receive from conglomerates that provide news tailored with sound bytes to promote a specific social or political agenda. Intellectualism will grow when contemporary Americans begin to rationally and intellectually explore solutions to developing and existing crisis’ with objective understanding of the real issues at hand without the superimposed agendas of large corporations, or political affiliations as the motivating component for their actions. The rise of new intellectualism will root firmly in America when the principles that demand the preservation of human life and the careful restoration of the dictates of America’s Founding Fathers once again have a place of preeminent prominence in our educational systems, our families and our daily human lives.

Without the desire to develop a new intellectualism that carefully cultivates the great and distinctive ability for humans to reason as part of their existential reality, Americans and indeed all of us blessed with the capacity towards intellectually developing will be consigned to an existence of empty sound bytes, transmitted through Apple’s white ear buds!

The contemplational beauty of Rodin’s,The Thinker, and the intellectual activity it celebrates  will be obsolete and irrevocably consigned to the collective memory of humanity!

Rise up America, THINK !

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