Russia is a huge nation. It is about 75% bigger than U.S. or twice bigger than Brazil. But its population is just 142 million people. On the other hand, U.S. reached 300 million people a few weeks ago and the population of Brazil is approaching to 190 million.

This is not all. United States gains about 3 million people per year; Brazil, 2 million. Russia loses about 800 thousand people.

China is the most populated country of Asia. Russia is the most populated country of Europe. The population of China multiplies by more than 9 the population of Russia. And China gains almost 8 million people per year. So, the chinatization of the Russian Far East is a reality nowadays.

This is not all. The russian population in the Caucasus has fallen drastically the last 15 years while the muslim population grows fast.

About 50 years ago the population of Pakistan was about 40% of the population of Russia. Today it is about 12% higher.

The life expectancy for the russain man is about 59 years. Although the russian economy has grown fast the last years the fact is the social development has not advanced as much as the economic one.

This is not all, Moscow has become the most expensive city of the world.

Sad. The economic reform in the land of Yuri Gagarin has not been as successful as in Hungary or the Czech Republic.

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