First published in Celestial Junk.

I’ve argued on a number of occasions that the case against Sen. Joe McCarthy was largely an invention of the US Liberal Media and Hollywood … of course my pronouncements got the usual guffaws and “knowing” brush-offs from “progressives” and conservatives alike.

Usually though, when I asked what “factual” basis anyone has for believing in the case against Joe McCarthy … protestations become somewhat thinner, as most people are honest enough to admit that their only understanding of Joe McCarthy is inspired by one or more of the many vicious hit pieces done on Joe by either Liberal Elites or Hollywood. Until now, no exhausted fact based piece has existed on McCarthy.

I suggest then, that anyone who gives a damn about truth get a copy of Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies . In the least, a reading will make one less likely to toss about the term McCarthyism willy-nilly every time some government organ decides to probe dangerous anti-government activity. Like most Liberal inspired myths though, the cruel hoax called McCarthyism will likely still be around long after hoaxes like “global warming” have been put to rest.

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