The following satirical piece first appeared in Celestial Junk.

With the killing today of a UN Peacekeeper in Darfur, it has become obvious to all that the UN strategy in Darfur has failed. The recent death is the latest in a series of killings that have claimed the lives of 18 African Union Peacekeeping troops.

Far too much is being spent on UN and AU military operations, and not enough on reconstruction which would offer jobs and hope to the Muslim militias who have been on a rampage killing other tribes. Clearly, military offensive operations have angered and upset Muslim militias, and now they have responded.

Furthermore, a negotiated settlement with Sudan’s government and its supporting militias should now be considered. We should all sit down at the table of reason and discuss a settlement that will make sense. The shooting of the UN Peacekeeper is all the proof we need that the American inspired mission needs to be revamped.

The best way forward: 

  1. Immediately withdraw UN and AU forces to safer regions of Darfur.
  2. Open negotiations with Muslim militias and the Sudanese Government.
  3. Increase recontruction budgets by 1000%.
  4. Set an exact date for the removal of all UN and AU troops.
  5. Put in place a series of benchmarks for the tribes under UN and AU protection so that they no longer anger the Muslim tribes.
  6. Reject all harmonization with the neo-con agenda.
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