Although its use is still incipient, experts do not hesitate to claim that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Bitcoin is the most demanded and its market is on the rise. What all should know when entering digital money.

The destiny of money is to become digital – be it with bitcoin, ether or some other – and this trend definitely came to revolutionize the way the economy works and our daily uses of money and business, says Santiago Bilinkis.

Although 99% of public heard regarding bitcoins, 80% do not understand what it is and almost nobody has this or other digital currencies in their possession. Thus, Santiago Bilinkis – entrepreneur and technologist, author of the book Passage to the future – provides, through the results of a survey that he conducted for a radio column, an overview of the little knowledge that cryptocurrencies have today, digital money which seeks to change the economy as we know it traditionally.

The Origin of Bitcoin– the first cryptocurrency that began to circulate and the most famous – was born in 2009. Its mysterious creator, who hides under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, was the one who managed to solve a question: how to get a digital good, which can be duplicated perfectly, can become a registered one that only one person can own. The bitcoin revolution app is one of best app which make it easy to use bitcoin.

Bilinkis explains it best: What was achieved through cryptography is that there is a good registered in a single, public and unmodifiable database (the famous blockchain). That is to say that when you sell that digital money, it automatically registers in that database and ceases to be my property. That was the big problem to have a digital currency and it was solved.

But how does it work? Who regulates what happens in that virtual financial network?

The blockchain: the technology behind bitcoin is a digital accounting book open to everyone that records and allows live viewing of all transactions.

Expert says: Being public and encrypted by cryptographic technology- which is an invulnerable system – allows transactions to be a secure way to send value without the need for a regulator central, that is, there is no central bank of bitcoins: everything moves by supply and demand.

A Risk Value: The destiny of money is to become digital – be it with bitcoin, ether or some other – and this trend is definitely here to stay and revolutionize the way the economy works and our daily uses of money and business, says Bilinkis.

Despite this prediction, even today, the use of cryptocurrencies is still quite limited in the world. It is that the volatility of bitcoin is a reality: in December it presented a rise that reached 18,000 dollars while, at the close of this edition, 1 bitcoin is worth 7,764 dollars ( $ 214,357). This produces a lock when investing in virtual currency.

Ezequiel Baum, a graduate in Economics and founder of the Trainer Financiero consultancy, explains: The value of bitcoin is based on the speculative, on what one believes it will be worth in a few years and on the technological utility it can generate. When buying bitcoins, you have to take into account their volatility and take the risk, for example, try money that you need to invest in. If you have $ 1,000 dollars to grow, with 10% of that money it would be reasonable to buy bitcoins.

For Santiago Siri, technologist, bitcoin is a revolution because it managed to express a decentralized economic system in digital code. In Argentina we live in the exact opposite of these facts: a centralized and corruptible power against our currency permanently, so bitcoin is a new global financial system that offers a real alternative to the established order, he says.

How and how much to buy: Bitcoin is a unit that is divided into many decimals, which allows you to buy only a small fraction, with a low cost. The minimum for the purchase is $ 500. At the time of purchase there are two options: it can be entered through an Exchange market – similar to stock trade.

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