Texas and other border states have suffered as a result of illegal immigration for years.   And we’ve received zero help from the northern states until some of that pain and suffering  began to “migrate” north into their backyards and have a negative effect upon them.   But that’s what we’ve learned to expect from the more self-centered segment of our U.S. population in the north/northeast. Ha!  And so now it seems that they are on board with  us and, hey, better late than never.  Welcome aboard!  We luv ya!

So now that most of the nation is on the same page, as the polls show,  it might help solidify and unify our efforts if we break it down a bit.  Analyze the problem.  Actually there is a myriad of  categories under the heading “Illegal Immigration Problem”. ( link )  One category that has been in the national news lately has been that of  drunken illegals driving and killing U.S. citizens.   You have the “Geraldo Riveras’” of the world saying that it is “irrelevant” that the perpetrator is illegal and that it could have just as easily been a drunken legal resident or citizen.  Not so fast Geraldo.  MADD says your wrong.  I think they’ve done a few studies on the subject and know a bit more than Geraldo. (which isn’t saying much)  MADD says just the opposite. Something that we, here in Texas, have known for decades.   And that is, along with the illegal immigrants came their  “drinking culture”.   And we’re talking mostly the men folk here where drinking to excess is considered machismo or something like that.    And according to the MADD study, conducted by the Alcohol Policy Group, drinking in Mexico can start at  the tender age of 12 (or younger) and is considered a “rite of passage”.   And get this – in Mexico there are 2 “Drunk Drivers Nights” per year!  Christmas and New Years where its “hands off” of all drunk drivers by the authorities.  Can you imagine this?  It’d be fun to get on the roof of a sturdy building and watch the destruction derby below.  But this fabulous MADD study clearly shows that the instance of drunk driving is lopsided in favor of Hispanics and apparently/specifically those from south of the border. 

So the question begs to be answered.  Can the surge in dui/drunk driving  incidences be directly attributed to the increase of illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border?  Seems a fairly easy question to answer.  Huhmm?   Darvin Dowdy

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