Marshmello is an electronic music producer/performer. He specializes in the genres of:

  • Future bass
  • Future house
  • Progressive house
  • Trap

Outside of his banger tunes like Keep it Mello, Alone, and his remix of Adele’s Hello, what really makes Marshmello popular is his mysterious identity.

You see, ever since he has started producing/performing, Marhsmello has never revealed his name and has never taken off his helmet. Although, I guess there was that one time at EDC Las Vegas 2016, where he did the ol’ switch-a-roo with Tiësto – leading to Tiësto taking off his Marshmello helmet, revealing himself. That was all just a stage trick, though…

Truth is, to this day, nobody knows for sure who my boy, Marshmello, really is. There have been rumors that his true identity is Chris Comstock (also known as DJ DotCom). If you check out this post by, it reveals some really “compelling” evidence to prove that DotCom is truly Marshmello. In their photo, Marshmello has a small tear in his pants, revealing a red tattoo. And DotCom has a red tattoo in the exact same spot.

But even with these pictures in mind, if Marshmello was really trying to keep his identity a secret, wouldn’t posting a picture of himself with the same tattoo as DotCom be a genius idea? Doing so would lead his fans to believe that he’s someone that he’s not.

All in all, it’s still up in the air, fellas. Marshmello could be DotCom, or Marshmello could be making everyone believe he is DotCom. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out, I guess.

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