The fallout from revelations about Foleys’ alleged misbehavior continues to develop. Today there is discussion about ending the page program.
     This would be unfortunate for many reasons. Some of the more obvious have been discussed with great frequency…finding another source for the legitimate services these individuals provide, lack of involvement and experience in governmental functions that currently is able to be accessed, and things of this nature.
    Perhaps more important, however, would be the message it sends to our society as a whole. That would be the message that when misbehavior takes place, instead of working to put in place rules and punishment for misdeeds and to actively seek to prevent them from taking place it is easier to end a positive program than to fix the flaws. Misbehavior by one or a handful of individuals will change entire programs.
    It is interesting to note that a few years ago when the scandal over Congressmen bouncing checks with the Congressional bank became public nobody suggested ending that program. There is hypocrisy at its finest.
     When scandals arise that are a result of our legislators abusing perks such as free mailing, banking services, and other “freebies” nobody wants to end the program but when a positive, helpful program sees abuse then it is something that has served its purpose?
      It leads one to believe that when people have been “in service” to the country in politics for too long they lose sight of their job; protecting and serving their constituents; instead, they become self-serving, short sighted, and more interested in political power than in doing what is right. Ultimately, despite the damage done to this young man by the misbehavior of someone who should have known better, the greater damage is to the credibility of the people we are supposed to trust to enact our will.

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