22 days have elapsed since the group of 10 have been left to fend for themselves in a disused factory in the center of LA. Reality TV has a bit of a bad rap. How can it be reality when there are script writers?

That is a great question. The Colony is not posed as Reality, it is an experiment. The premise is that some kind of global catastrophe has occurred, and 10 strangers must try to co-exist and try to forge a new world.

I will admit that the casting choices seem to lean heavily toward the ‘braniac’ side of the equation. If you take a random sample of 10 people walking down the street, the likelihood of finding a couple of PhD’s is somewhat unlikely. However, that is part of the charm of this adult version of  William Golding’s ‘The Lord Of The Flies’.

One thing that sets this series apart from the rest of the ‘so called’ reality series is that The Colony does not need to be scripted, human nature takes over. Even though the 10 people know they are being ‘worked’ they still fall into Golding’s trap. Numerous excursions have been taken into this arena over the past few years, all have resulted in brutal conclusions.

This week our 10 valiant volunteers meet a new challenge. Having spent 3 weeks in each others company, how will they react to two more ‘survivors’ turning up on their doorstep? Even worse, these people have keys to the facility that The Colony is living in. Are the for real? Or are they pulling a hoax on the colonists?

One thing is clear, these are not welcome guests. The ecosystem is seriously disrupted.

With limited food and water supplies, these visitors present a very real threat.

The discovery of some solar panels has resolved the sustainable energy issue, but water and food are still a major issue.

If I walk away with one thought from watching this show, it is just how useless most education is in a survival situation. There are two people in this group that are clearly becoming the leaders, and they in real life are handymen. They are people who can turn their skills to almost anything. The brainiacs like to invent flame throwers to thwart boarding parties, the women want to build Gym’s and other pointless items. The doctor is concerned about personal hygiene, but the real leaders concentrate on survival.

Episode four of The Colony – A Stranger Amongst Us  airs tonight on Discovery, check your local listings for times.

Simon Barrett

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