Strange, isn’t it? On the one hand she is the crusading Chancellor against greenhouse effect continually flying around the globe to talk about saving the world’s climate, on the other hand she is unable to live up to her government’s somewhat ambitious plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent because of all of the new coal-burning power plants she plans to build. Lesser souls might tend to think that building such plants is not wirklich (really) compatible with having a serious climate protection policy, but then again lesser souls obviously don’t understand what is really going on “up there”.
The words or our fearless leaders are often veiled in ambiguity. And even when they are not, they can remain confusing all the same. Take these, for instance: “Chancellor Merkel is a strong voice of reason calling upon nations around the world to face up to the dangers and seize the opportunity to find a solution”, recently said Gore HIMSELF. “I, MYSELF, am optimistic that we will see a big change in the way the world confronts this crisis and if it does change, it will be in no small part due to the leadership of Chancellor Merkel.”

Does HE mean leadership by the way she is maintaining and even expanding Europe’s “dirty thirty” coal-burning power plants when referring to our low-carbon Chancellor or does HE mean her leadership in her continuing to allow the production of Europe’s dirtiest automobiles? The words of Gore HIMSELF are not always clear to those who seek to find his/their understanding but are nevertheless the words of Gore HIMSELF and therefore without reproach.

I think something else is going on “up there” (it always is, isn’t it?). Trapped in the warm and cuddly ideological straight jackets “good” politicians insist upon wearing, in this case the phasing out of German nuclear power by 2020, and perfectly aware of her population’s refusal to even consider the possibility of Verzicht (doing with less because of these missing nuclear power plants) when it comes to energy consumption, Chancellor Merkel has no other alternative but to build these 26 new Dreckschleuder (filth spewers). It’s a no-brainer for her, in other words.

If Gore HIMSELF only knew. He does? Klappe (shut up)! He is and shall remain without reproach.

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