The first time I was old enough to vote it was in the referendum ‘Should Great Britain join the EU’?

Of course I voted Yes. The EEC (European Economic Community) offered a real way forward, trade, travel and economic security were reason enough to join. The UK was crumbling. There was no might left. Gone was the empire, so was shipbuilding, manufacturing and to a certain extent, farming.

I was shocked when in 2016 the UK, by a very small margin voted to exit the EU. So here we are less than 21 days from BREXIT, and to say the least it is a Cluster F**k.

BREXIT was a badly thought out idea to begin with. And seems to be destined to end badly. Analysis of the voting data tells a story that some here in the US might recognize. The major centers of population overwhelmingly voted to ‘Stay’, the poorer rural areas voted to ‘Exit’.

After the Brexit vote I contacted the very few number of people I still know in the UK. Only one fessed up to voting “Leave’, but it was because of the fact that they lived in a rural area and the ‘pressure’ had been intense.

Brexit on paper sounded great, the greedy EU would no longer charge for services, their would be a way to stem the flow of immigrants into the country, the UK could forge new and better trade agreements with other countries.

Reality of course shows a very different picture. The UK needs the EU way more than the EU needs the UK. At the very crux of the problem is what few people understand, Ireland. The Troubles, as they were known lasted for 30 years. The EU paved a way to easing the tensions between North and South. Brexit has put this dangerous game back in play.

I left the UK partially because of ‘The Troubles’, I was fed up with having my car searched everyday for bombs, and then being told that I would likely be needed to spend some time in Ireland installing some computer stuff.

Not a chance! That idea didn’t even go into the hat. My family and I were out of the country faster than you can say Passport!

Brexit has woken these ‘beasts’ from their long slumber.

Here is the quandary, a Hard Brexit (no deal) would be a death blow to the economy, and a Soft Brexit is going nowhere.
Is it time for another referendum? Yes I know that sounds silly, the people have spoken, but maybe the people need to speak again in the light of the situation.

Alas even a simple Yes/No vote would not work, the whole BREXIT debacle has divided the UK, fractured it maybe even worse than Trump has done in The US.

The UK consists of 4 very distinct entities, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain, as did Northern Ireland, they could see the damage that BREXIT foretold. Wales pretty much sat on the fence, it was England that tipped the scales, 53.4% voted Leave.

I find numbers as yummy as chocolate, so I dived in. Just like the US elections, the big cities and areas with educated folks overwhelmingly voted Remain, the rural and less affluent areas voted Leave.

I was born near Newcastle, a city that was depressed, it had its heyday during the second world war, Shipbuilding, Steel, and Coal. Even at the tender age of 6 or 7 it was obvious that doom and gloom were here to stay. The coal, steel and shipbuilding industries relied on each other. Ship building found cheaper locations. And the death knell for the coal and steel industries was sounded ‘loud and clear’ by Dr Beeching closing rail lines. I had aunts and Uncles that had never had a job! They lived on ‘The dole’ in ‘Council Houses’.

It is doubtful that Newcastle ever regained its place in the grand scheme of things, so there is little surprise that they voted Leave.

But why vote Leave? Ah this is where it gets interesting. The story was told that Britain without the EU, we would not have to pay their fees, and we could close our borders to those pesky foreigners.

To the ‘Leavers’ BREXIT is the solution. But one has to ask.. the solution to exactly what problem? What I see are very troubled waters ahead, London will no longer be the Financial or Insurance hub, almost everything in the store will cost more, and the real kicker? Your 2 weeks vacation in Spain on the Costa Del Sin, will require a Passport with Visa.

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