You really have to spend a few moments sorting through the recent Clinton-Obama dust-up to understand who is trying to do what to whom. It all started when New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd interviewed David Geffen, the Hollywood personage who throws a lot of weight around in tinsel town (music mogul, Dreamworks co-chairman), and who is so rich he can’t avoid stumbling over piles of money on his way out the front door to his gold plated Bentley. Well, maybe not gold plated.

Geffen used to be a close friend of the Clintons. Now he’s an advocate of Barack Obama, and cosponsored a lucrative Hollywood fundraising event for him this week, saying Obama was “inspirational” while the Clintons (yes, both Bill and Hillary) lie like rugs: “Everybody in politics lies, but the Clintons do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

The Clintons of course went ballistic, saying Geffen and Obama were guilty of slash and burn politics and were carrying out malevolent personal attacks against the Clintons. They also suggested Obama might want to give the fundraising money back (how likely is that?) and totally dissociate himself from the horrible, horrible Geffen. This is where someone needs to step in and say, “Wait a minute! Since when does Obama need to apologize for something he didn’t say? And, by the way, that charge of the Clintons being prevaricators carries a gram or two of truth.”

Economist Larry Kudlow writes in his column that he recently Googled the words “Clinton” and “lies” and came up with the following from a variety of sources:

[1] Bill Clinton is charged with being a felon, having lied to a Federal Grand Jury while under oath.

[2] Bill and Hillary say the Whitewater affair was nothing more than a land deal gone bad, in which they lost lots of money. Yet while the Clintons went free, at least a dozen Clinton associates were given jail time for their participation in Whitewater.

[3] Bill Clinton continues to say his 12-year sexual liaison with Gennifer flowers never happened, and that he never sexually tormented Paula Jones – even though she ended up with nearly a million dollars to shut up about it.

[4] During the Clinton administration, the Lincoln bedroom was readily available for overnight stays in exchange for feeding the Clinton campaign kitty. That’s how Clinton got to know Geffen, by the way, during several White House sleep overs – a practice that hasn’t been seen before or since the Clintons vacated 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We are still a long, long, long way from the conventions and nominations. Yet if you go into the formerly smoke-filled back rooms today, you will find mouse droppings among the cheese barrels. Things are already turning quite ugly, with the enemies of Bill and Hillary stockpiling sordid talking points that will amply fill our TV screens and front pages in the months ahead. For a moment it appeared that the mortifying antics of the Clinton White House were gradually fading into the past. They’re not. They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

– Chase.Hamil

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