The framers of the Constitution wisely made this Republic a representative government. They understood that popular opinion wasn’t always the best decision for the nation’s well being. Unfortunately, they didn’t perceive the possibility that people would make a career of public office because their service entailed dangerous travel and great sacrifices.

Career politicians debase our representative form of government because they don’t represent their constituents, rather they represent themselves. Their priorities are staying in office, rewarding their campaign contributors and loyalty to their political party. Lost in their preferences is the nation’s well being.

Career legislators are constantly taking polls of voters about current issues so that they can pass legislation geared toward the majority. It is inconsequential to them that these programs are fiscally unsustainable. Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupt in the near future, leaving many people without any of the benefits that they paid for. These self serving legislators are planning further popular entitlement programs, such as health care, that will contribute to the financial collapse of this nation. Career members of Congress have skewed the federal tax code so that 40% of this nation’s citizens don’t pay any federal income taxes to endear this large segment of voters.
Careerists repay major campaign contributors with favors to secure financing for future elections. These special interest groups have appropriated the representation owed the citizens of this country. Congress, at the urging of special interests, enacted rules and regulations  that are the primary reason for driving employment overseas, substandard school systems, and the failure of the big three auto makers.

Toeing the political party line to retain and gain powerful positions by members of Congress has polarized this country. Compromises in this hostile environment are almost impossible, which thwarts good governance. Approvals of appointees of the opposing political party are withheld causing considerable difficulties for the organizations with these vacant positions. The Federal Courts have large backlogs due to the lack of judges. The public is so involved in this intercene struggle between the two political parties that it doesn’t realize that Career Congressmen are the real culprits for this nation’s difficulties.

There are some individuals, who don’t let party loyalty inhibit their determination to keep their seat in Congress. Through the years there have been several instances of Congressmen, who have switched parties to remain in office. Recently, Arlen Spector, the Senator from Pennsylvania, changed from being a Republican to a Democrat, hoping to save his career by avoiding a probable defeat in the Primaries.

The simple solution to our governance adversity is to close the loop hole in the Constitution by removing office holders after one term in office. A representative form of government requires legislators concerned about their country not their own self interests. Single termers won’t need to:

  •  Take polls to determine popular opinion when voting for legislation.
  •  Create financially unsound entitlement programs for vote getting purposes.
  •  Add unnecessary pork to bills for re-election insurance.
  •  Raise campaign funds for re-election, reducing or even removing the influence of special interests.
  •  Use income tax regulations to garner votes.
  •  Follow the political party line for power because the present Congressional Seniority System will be eliminated.
  •  Blame the opposing political party for the nation’s travails, making compromise possible.

Would you like to improve the government? Vote against the Congressional incumbents in the next election.

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