There is word of Chinese investment in Rwanda, a country which has been torn by AIDS and civil strife, surely one of the more unfortunate countries in the world’s most unfortunate continent.

It’s good that China would get involved in Rwanda, since practically nobody else wants to. In fact, the rest of the world seems to be throwing up its collective arms over Africa’s many problems. Even former colonial powers in Africa do not appear to be terribly interested in helping Africa so, fine. Let China take their place, and let China pour its resources into Africa.

During the era of exploration and colonization, European powers expanded their cultura and influence all over the world, (not always in a positive way) but China has always looked inward, and failed to a significant degree to expand its influence in the world. This is a shame, because China, despite its faults, has many positive things to add to world culture and, indeed, at one time was arguably the most advanced culture in the world. But Europe stole Chinese innovations, like gun powder, and changed the world forever.

So here we have China contemplating influence in Africa. Let China have Africa, and be involved there, and try to be an influence over Africa. Africans problems are so huge, that it would take prolonged involvement by a superpower to solve those problems. Maybe China might be that superpower, and maybe China can help Africa’s problems.

What we need next is a hot Chinese actress adopting babies from Africa in a very public way. Move over Angelina Jolie and Madonna.  

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