I have been the editor of Blogger News for nearly 3 years, which is a lifetime in the world of the Internet! During that time I can not recall a news story that has provoked more reader response than the Caylee Anthony one. My wife Jan has been reporting on the case since it broke in mid July, and every story elicits huge reader response.

In looking at the comments, and many of the articles have hundreds of comments, it is clear that 99% of people think that Caylee Anthony is dead, and the obvious killer is her mother Casey Anthony.

I don’t know nearly as much about the case as Jan, but seeing as our computers are three feet from each other, I get to hear a running, blow by blow account of what is going on. In my mind the guilty party is obvious, it is just a question of when are the authorities going to slap the cuffs on Casey Anthony once and for all.

In fact if I had my way I’d slap the whole family in Jail on ‘obstruction of justice’ charges, and make sure that they were put in with the general prison population, Casey Anthony would be singing like a bird in 20 mins! I’d also slap the idiot lawyer Jose Baez in clink on an arrogance charge, any lawyer that has the gall to make the comment “It is not in my clients best interests to tell all she knows” does not deserve to be practicing law.  Three year old Caylee Anthony has been missing for almost 3 months, and this idiot is taunting the world with comments like that.

I am sure that the police are just waiting to pounce, but until they have their ducks in a row it seems to us outsiders that they are doing nothing. You can bet your bottom dollar that is not the case. They are sifting though every scrap of information, and when they figure the case is airtight, body, or no body, it’s off to the slammer with this stupid young woman.

So again, kudos Jan for keeping us all informed of what is happening in the case, and thank you to all of the people that have weighed in with their comments.

Simon Barrett – Editor

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