Caylee Anthony has become a name that just about everyone across the globe now knows. My own mother that rarely watches anything other than soaps and the races on Sunday afternoon on TV even knows the name Caylee Anthony and says she bets that child’s mother killed her.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony has been arrested and now sits in jail. She is being held without bond for charges of murder in the first degree. She faces numerous other charges that will certainly cause her to spend many years in prison if found guilty.

There is enough evidence against Casey Anthony for the Florida grand jury to hand down an indictment against her so apparently what they have as evidence must be strong enough to get her charged at least. I suppose the question now is, is it enough to get her convicted without Caylee’s body?

I know it can happen but if they could find this child it sure would help put her mother in jail for life for doing this to her. Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez is out there making statements on nationwide TV (the very ones he blames all that have gone wrong in this case on) saying, “Once we are able to show her version of the facts, I think the entire world is going to be able to sit back and say, ‘Now I understand.”

He also stated at a news conference last week, “We believe Caylee is alive. I said that from Day 1. I continue to say that. For reports to be out there to suggest otherwise are completely false.”

As I said before myself, “YEAH RIGHT!” What is he going to tell us next?

From what I can piece together, Jose Baez, Cindy, George and Lee Anthony are all saying that Casey is innocent. I guess they think it was perfectly normal for her to steal money from her parents, her grandparents and her best friend to benefit her lifestyle. I guess once Caylee wasn’t around, it was OK for Casey to go shopping and go out partying like she did. They want us to believe that she will tell “her version” of what happened to Caylee when the time is right. I am sorry but that is nothing but BS! She wouldn’t be sitting in jail like she is right now if there was anything out there as evidence that could prove her innocent.

In my mind I can imagine her plan as being to pin this on someone else and saying she has kept quiet to protect them and this is going to be “her version” of the truth. I can just picture her on the stand saying so and so killed my daughter and I can’t handle them going to jail for it so I have kept quiet. Who knows who it will be! Cindy? Lee? George? Tony? Amy? Cindy seemed to be leading at one time to make Tony or Amy look to be the guilty one but in my opinion that was only to get authorities focus off of Casey to buy them time to come up with another story.

Casey Anthony sits in her jail cell now with celebrity status because it is such a high profiled case. She sleeps alone, she eats a lone and she reads alone. She gets served three meals a day plus she can have up to three desserts a day if she wants it. Monday she ate cornflakes for breakfast, turkey hotdogs and beans for lunch and Salisbury steak and gravy with potatoes for dinner.

No one has put any money into her jail account so she can buy things like candy or diet cokes. No one in her family has asked to visit with her and she has not made any phone calls. She spent 6 hours a day in Baez’s office when she was out but she now has seen him a total of 6 hours since she has been arrested again.

I am guessing she has her laundry done for her, she has no dishes to wash, no chores other than to shower and brush her teeth. What a life! And the best part is she pays no rent. We as taxpayers have to pay for her to get this treatment. Aren’t we so lucky! I am sorry but it makes me sick. I think they should feed her bread and water twice a day and give nothing for dessert and she should not be allowed to watch TV or get on a computer. I think she should be given work duty in the kitchen washing dishes or in the laundry room washing clothes for other prisoners.

She can have pictures in the cell with her and one would think she would at least have one picture of Caylee in there but guess what? NOT ONE! She pranced her butt all over in front of those TV cameras all the time wearing t-shirts with Caylee’s face on them but now she doesn’t even have one picture of Caylee in her cell with her. I think they should put wall paper on the walls in her cell with nothing but Caylee pictures on it just to remind her of what she has done to this precious child.

Casey will never tell the truth about what happened to her daughter. As Jose Baez said a few weeks back, it isn’t in her best interest to talk now. Of course it isn’t now. This is like the little boy that called wolf though. She has lied so many times that no one would ever believe her if she ever did tell the truth. Baez has to realize that. He knows she is guilty. If he thought she was innocent and if he had something that would make the world understand then he would have had her speak up before now. He mentioned before that she was scared. Scared of what, the big bad bully that can hurt her? Once again I say, “YEAH RIGHT!”

It is a good thing I am not eligible to sit on the jury in this trial. I would say GUILTY and I would work overtime until I convinced every other person on that panel that she was guilty too. I think this time Casey has gotten herself in too deep. So deep that no one can get her out of it this time. I just hope she gets what she deserves in this so little Caylee can get the justice that she deserves. God Bless our little Caylee Marie Anthony! We love you!

Jan Barrett

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