‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ we are told by Forest Gump, but for the Anthony family it is a box of chocolates that someone has already eaten the yummy ones. Piece by little piece the spin that the family have been putting on the disappearance of three year old Caylee Anthony is coming apart. Lies and misinformation seem to abound. What I find interesting is that a lot of this misdirection is not coming from mother and prime suspect Casey Anthony, but from certain members of her family, and the various ‘paid’ help.

There is more BS floating around in this case, than you would find in a large commercial cattle ranch!

Being a reporter is in many ways similar to being an investigator. You listen to what people say, you look at the evidence, and make a determination. Actually that is not quite the whole story, you also listen to what people don’t say, look at evidence that should exist, yet is missing, and what others, while unconnected with the crime when it happened, are now somehow involved.

So what is everyone saying?

Lets start with Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter, and now regular on News TV. He was the bone head that bailed Casey Anthony out. “She is innocent, and we are going to find young Caylee” was his clarion call for about a week. However when the Cops dragged Casey back into jail for other unrelated charges concerning some slightly illegal checks, he was Johnny on the spot, at getting out of the $500k bond his nephew had guaranteed revoked.

What is interesting is Padilla’s new comments. He has now extricated himself from the case, but it is clear that he knows much more than he is actually fessing up to. Clearly he is frustrated with the lack of co-operation, and just could not wait to relocate his Stetson out of Florida.

When the FBI, who has got some of the finest labs in the world, comes back [with findings], it is going to shock the world over something Lee, Casey and Cindy have known since Wednesday when they released their preliminary findings, and also, the Dumpster located a mile and quarter away from the boyfriend Tony’s home is going to play a big part in this.

Casey’s lawyer Jose Baez, well I don’t even know where to start with him! But I would love to know who is footing the bill. Even the Jose Baez’s of the world want to get paid exorbitant amounts of money, otherwise they can’t afford the BMW and $1000 suits!

A person with no personal connection with the case is Tim Miller. Tim is founder of the Texas based Equusearch. Tim and his group are a non proffit who just want to help, they can supply manpower, and they can supply experience. Now if my child or grandchild was missing I’d want any help I could get but Tim had this to say about co-operation from the Anthony family:

I feel as though we have been used in this. We are not getting any cooperation. We have done everything Cindy asked us to do, She wants us to find her granddaughter alive. Guess what. I don’t believe she is aliveWe’ve been very discouraged with this search, and we were almost got to the point of wanting to pull out. But we got a call from the sheriff of Orange County. He said, ‘Don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up. I’m bringing you Airboats, mounted patrol, and $5,000 to help out. Don’t go anywhere’

So what about the family? The most outspoken is Cindy Anthony, who has manged to get herself interviewed by just about every TV station known to man. I am not sure that even the most IQ challenged viewer believes one word out of her mouth. Her response to the FBI lab finding evidence that a body had been decomposing in the car was that the someone put a dead body in the car while it was impounded! Doh! not even Homer OJ Simpson would say something that stupid.

Casey apparently is not saying anything, except to her lawyer, and with the amount they are spending together one can only wonder is only Legal Briefs are the only briefs involved.

Brother Lee Anthony seems to have retreated into the woodwork, has he lost interest? Or has he discovered something about his sister that he would prefer to keep quiet about?

The final family member, and maybe the most interesting is Casey’s father George. This is where I start to have some goose bumps. Everyone is skillfully avoiding this guy. Does he know something that the rest of us don’t? Please do not get me wrong, I do not for one moment think he was the killer, but was he an accomplice after the fact?

And what about spokesperson Larry Garrison? He is a big league player. He obviously had nothing to do with the disappearance of Caylee, but where did he come from? I can not imagine that he is doing this out of his large heart, no pay no comments! Larry is the verbal equivalent of the Fire Hydrants that the emergency services use to supply gobs of water to feed their hoses when they are fighting a serious fire. Larry’s hydrant seems to have run dry. Of course he may be suffering from laryngitis, or, and this is my bet, whoever was bankrolling the deal has lost interest.

My money is still on Fox, whats yours? Leave a comment.

Simon Barrett


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