With the explosive news this week about the discovery of a garbage bag full of small human remains not half a mile from the Anthony home, we decided to expand the radio show to 90 minutes. It turned out that we needed every last second! Our panel this week consisted of Simon Barrett, trying to keep some semblance of order and generally failing. Jan Barrett who is BNN’s maven on the case, Ms. Pickles, our Pacific North West corespondent, and the very straight shooting New York journalist Sean Krause of thedailysbs.com.

Clearly this was going to be a big show. And I don’t think anyone was disappointed. From the get go the fur was flying. I did my best to moderate, but that was akin to covering yourself in fish guts and going for a swim with Great Whites.

We had callers from all over the country, and even one from British Columbia, Canada.

So why the interest? Well to put it simply, the Caylee Anthony case has captured the hearts of an entire nation.

This case has taken many twists and turns, but the past week has seen a number of developments that would appear to signal that some final closure may be in sight.

A garbage bag containing human remains appeared less than a half a mile away from the Anthony home, a search warrant was issued for the home, I believe this is the third one. This time though, the police had some clear idea of what they wanted.

The hot news from the investigators is that Duct Tape was also found, Duct Tape on the skeletal remains.

This garbage bag had been in a previously unsearchable area close to the Anthony home, however the water had receded and an as yet unnamed Meter Reader stumbled across it while answering the call of nature. Rumors abound that said Meter Reader, while lauded for his find, now faces the possibility of a ticket for urinating outside! Go Figure!

The tots mom Casey Anthony remains behind bars, and still maintains her innocence.

Kidfinders, who were rumored to be offering support, oh read FINANCIAL support to the family, have pulled up stakes and moved their camp site to another project. Grand parents George and Cindy Anthony have been on a whirlwind of 5 star hotels, and $100 a plate restaurants.

There are so many strange aspects to this case that you just don’t know where the next is coming from.

If you did not get to hear this radio show, you can pick up the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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