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It’s the week we’ve all been dreading – the SERIES finales of the hit FOX T.V show ‘The O.C’.
In an attempt to soften the blow, I’ve compiled a list of quotes from the cast members reminiscing on those California days and on the promising finale episode EVER!
Rachel Bilson: “…it sort of feels like the last episode because there is all this emotion behind it and knowing you are going to be parting ways from all these people you worked with so long, so it’s bittersweet.”
Adam Brody: “Well, I think all of us have grown up a bit in certain ways. …I think when the show took off early on there were a lot of adjustments for everyone; everyone came out of their lives well and everyone is doing well, which is good…”
“It feels good, it feels really good. There is one more day left, today and tomorrow. There is a lot of work behind us.”
Ben McKenzie: “I’ll probably miss working with everyone. From the crew, to the actors, that will probably be the thing that I miss the most. It’s a very good group of people and we work well together. It’ll be a shame to have to move on. But life goes on. I have a feeling I will run into almost everyone at some point later.”
Peter Gallagher:  “”I think it will be remembered for a really vibrant first season that captured a lot of imaginations around the world and gave families a chance to watch a show together — mothers and fathers and kids — that they could both enjoy and the show found at least briefly a happy marriage, between comedy and drama.”
Rachel on her favourite scene: “I like when I get to do things that really are embarrassing for me because it’s fun to make fun of yourself. I like the episode last year where at prom I got really drunk and fell off the stage and it was my first time doing a stunt, so I like to brag and tell people that I can do stunts because I got to fall off the stage, even though it was like a foot. The stunt girl did the fall… but I did a little of that. But that was just a fun episode — there were just so many.”
“Oh, the Spider-Man kiss of course… the Spider-Man kiss was so cool. I remember reading it when Josh wrote that script; it was really clever and it was really fun to replay that kiss. Adam, I think, threw up in his mouth a little bit so the kiss wasn’t pleasant but other than that it was a really cool scene. It was upside-down.”
Peter Gallagher: “I guess my favourite moment was the day I read the pilot script. That was very exciting. And I certainly loved singing in the second season. And you know, frankly, I have had so many good days on this show; I loved going to work; I love the cast; I love this crew; I love our directors and every day on this set sure beats working in a coal mine.
Ben McKenzie: “The first day of the pilot was kind of nutty. I showed up in the Valley and we were shooting Ryan at his old house with his mom. I think McG stopped by for like two seconds… ‘You’re going to be great, you’re going to be great’ and then ran away. It was cool. I think it was just me and Doug and I think Peter maybe worked a little with Doug Liman the director. And then Peter was in a couple scenes… it was pretty heavy stuff. It was kind of crazy. It was either sink or swim time; so thankfully it has worked out.”
Enjoy the final episodes only 3 days.
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Sources:  Oc Blogger


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