First the Berlin Wall disappears while everybody is watching and applauding, then it disappears again a few years later in the middle of the night and everybody gets mad as hell. Well, at least a chunk of it disappeared. The rest was already gone. It’s kind of complicated, really.

In a clear and feeble attempt to cover-up the mysterious disappearance of an eighteen meter segment of the infamous anti-capitalist protective wall on Stresemannsträße, The Federal Office for Construction and Space Order (honest, they call it Raumordnung here) claims that it removed the wall in order to begin construction of the new Federal Office for the Environment. Once the new ministry is built, they plan to put the segment back in place and public view.

Many Berliners feel that this isn’t very environmentally friendly, however. Of all places, old chunks of the Berlin Wall are clearly an endangered species in Berlin. There are still three originals at Potsdamer Platz and, uh, where else again? But that’s about it. And many feel that the city government isn’t doing enough to preserve this precious unnatural resource. You know, history, tourism etc.

So now we’re supposed to believe that a government agency actually organized this daring heist? Right. This has got Mauer mafia written all over it. Or worse.

My theory goes like this: The Federal Office for Space Order? A disappearance in the middle of the night? Mafia, as in Russenmafia (Russian mafia)? Hello? We’re talking UFO and tractor beam here, people.

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