Rick Morrissey, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune wrote a column last Wednesday that ridiculed the public for holding NFL players liable for criminal behaviors, on and off the field.  Morrissey contends that the public should accept the inevitable fact that football players play a violent sport, thus the violent tendencies that NFL players house should be exonerated. 

He goes on to explain, “Sociologists argue the incidence rate of crime amoung pro athletes is no higher than it is among the general population.”  So, if this is indeed the case, then why should pro athletes be treated any differently than non-athletes? 

They shouldn’t!  People’s professions and their private lives are two different things.  In this country, everyone is created equal…supposedly.  If such is the case, then nobody should be legally treated any different from anybody else.  Naturally, this isn’t the case, for money and the ability of a party’s lawyers often decides a person’s fate, but, in no way shape or fashion, should the public give any preferential treatment to criminals because they play football, or save lives (doctors), or teach children (teachers).  If people do the crime, they do the time…period. 

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