This year’s presidential campaign has been going on forever, and it still has five months to go.

But silly season is here: The dog days of summer are still to come, but we already see the campaign going to the dogs.

First, we had Romney putting his carsick dog on the top of the car, something I sympathize with, having had to clean out the car a few times when our gun-shy and car-sick prone hound dog traveled with us from town to the state game lands.

Then we had the story that Obama ate dog as a child. Well, half my family is Filipino, so again no problem with that for me (and yes, I’ve eaten dog. It’s okay, but not as tasty as the guinea pig I’ve eaten with my Colombian relatives).

So now the latest dog story is that, if you have 45 dollars you don’t mind spending, well, you can buy your dog a Marc Jacobs “I Bark for Obama” teeshirt.

Yes, your dog will be at the height of fashion (which is more than I can say about Marc…whose fashion sense doesn’t extend to knowing how to dress: darling, you  should never wear black patent leather shoes with a shocking pink frock, and you should never never wear black shoes after Easter Sunday… PHOTO).

Presumably Ms. Wintour won’t be sending a “I bark for Obama” teeshirt as a gift to the wife of her favorite murderous dictator, Asma Al-Assad. There is a minor scandal about Vanity Fair publishing a fluff piece praising Mrs. Assad awhile back.

But now the Washington Post says the she has been pressured by the Obama administration to apologize for her tushie-kissing-article, because nothing says “don’t vote for me” as much as a photo-op standing next to a woman who gushes love and affection for the spouse of a mass murderer.

It’s unclear if Wintour’s statement came as a result of White House pressure but certainly she is becoming a surrogate for the campaign as she appears in video ads and hosts more and more high profile fundraisers in a highly-charged election year.

Ms W. wants to stay on the good side of the Obama administration: the article hints she is raising oodles of money for the Obama campaign from the posh set in NYCity so that she might snag an Ambassador job to represent the US in one high profile country or another:

Her younger brother is currently the political editor for The Guardian, which has reported on Wintour’s desire for the ambassadorship. (A trial balloon, perhaps?)

The article goes on to point out that big money donors are traditionally awarded with such jobs:

While ambassadors are sometimes career diplomats, many times they are well-known personalities who have helped the president raise money.

Shirley Temple Black has been active in the Republican Party since the 1960s. Subsequently, she held two ambassadorships. Gerald Ford appointed her as ambassador to Ghana in 1975 and George H.W. Bush appointed her as ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989.

Hmmm…that sounds like a good job fit: Anna Wintour, Ambassador to Ghana.

Dahling, you look so fashionable in a Boubou….(image here)

She could even start a new fashion trend.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She has never worked in Ghana, but she did live in Liberia where the evening fashion to go disco dancing at that time was the boubou…and is only half joking about making it a fashion trend.

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