Much has been made of the fact that Schwarzenegger and Angelides will only have one debate. I think this might be the best news of the election campaign.
    Voters tend to put far too much emphasis on performance in the debates. Debates emphasize rapid thinking, functioning off memory and speaking ability.
    Which of these things do we really want our political leaders basing their leadership on? Personally I prefer a politician who does the necessary research, uses their resources, relies on facts as opposed to faulty memories, and therefore uses the available tools to do the best job possible.
     How well someone speaks has little or nothing to do with how they will handle an emergency. Their ability to gather resources on the other hand has everything to do with how they will respond when needed.
    If how someone responds to a public speaking sideshow like these debates is really the key to electing a strong leader then we are going about this all wrong. Maybe it is time to have each party just put forward a pretty faced actor and call it a day.

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