LINK A lot of Johnstown rednecks were amazed to find a local clergyman quoting a holy book that insists it would be justified to kill an outspoken feminist.

Ans then there is this item:LINK2

A hundred years ago, only rich women wore the chador, and middle class women longed to be able to wear one. Now, it is imposed, and not everyone is happy that a fashion statement that predates Islam is being enforced by law.

(However if you want to know why people quietly follow the Lord under the guidance of the Koran, read HERE.)

Yet in the West we have our own “religious Police”, as the foul mouthed, sardonic and very funny Don Imus just found out.

In Europe, it’s even worse

In the Philippines, you can say anything, although if you expose a politician taking bribes you might end up dead. But we are still free, since they can’t kill all the reporters.

What is dangerous is to have a country codify speech or minor private behavior as wrong, and then enforce it.

In the US, we see the banning of certain fats from restaurants, the stopping of smoking in public areas even outside where it is not a hazard to the public, and now progressive cities discussing banning light bulbs and plastic bags.

And the latest save the earth suggestion: only use one sheet of toilet paper.
Presumably if you don’t the religious police who monitor bathrooms will come and arrest you, with a paper warning for the first offense, fines for the second, and jail time if you really overdo it and use a dozen sheets and clog the drain.

Yes I’m being sarcastic, but I find the smoking police and the green police who monitor your trash are just as bad as the religious police who measure your hemline.

Of course, here in the Philippines, we have the opposite problem: Trying to get the local vendors from dropping their trash off across the street and trying to get the city to pick up the trash.

It’s election year, so usually the politicians clean the place up for a month or two before elections, but not so far this year. Maybe their heard some of our relatives are not backing the mayor…


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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