They say you can find anything on the internet. However there is one kind of collectible that sites like E-bay will not even touch. Some people have taken interest in collecting pieces known as “murderabilia.” These are any items connected to murderers including souvenirs from their crimes. These can include, letters, autographs, pictures, artwork by the murders, fingernail clippings, foot scrapings, and photos and video from murder scenes. Because conventional auction sites refuse to post this kind of material on their sites, new websites have sprung up to cater to people with these interests. They must visit sites like which sells artwork and embroidered t-shirts, the proceeds which go to Galen Gibson, one of the victims of killer Wayne Lo, who makes the items to sell. Other sites include and, which aids in making murderabilia a potential $250,000 industry. These sales help to give murderers a way to express themselves and to make money while in jail, and it gives interested collectors a way to satisfy their interests. At the same time, there are those that are totally opposed to the practice. Lat month, U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas introduced a bill called “Stop the Sale of Murderabilia” under the Protect the Dignity of Crime Victims Act of 2007. He believes that the public has no right to possess these artifacts, especially those tied to the murders themselves. While desiring these others doesn’t make someone a killer, it does make one wonder what they want with it in the first place. For related articles visit and

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