Turns out that when Rep. Hastert told the press that the buck stopped at him, he actually meant that it stopped at Foley. Who would have guessed that the ethics committee comprised of House representatives would have decided against holding congressmen responsible for the mistakes of their subordinates.

In all fairness to the committee, which was apparently comprised of monkeys and amoebas, they did decide that the “leaders” were negligent – just not in violation of the “rules.” What the hell are the rules? Seriously…what’s the standard here. As long as you don’t personally maim and kill any cute teenagers or financially support one who does, you’re free from disciplinary action? For the love of all that is holy, can no one be held responsible for anything anymore? Can you imagine if managers weren’t responsible for the misappropriation of funds by their employees even though they were fully and completely aware of what was going on? We have a word for that in civilized society: co-conspirator.

I happen to know a little bit about “negligence,” and one of the key facts that separates negligence from a knowing violation is…you know…knowing. They knew – everyone one of them. It wasn’t that they should have known or that they might have known – they knew and they made the decision to let him keep his job and continue doing what he was doing and are, in all senses the word, responsible.

This is why people can’t trust Washington – because even their ethics committee is too busy covering its own ass to come up with any kind of sensical evaluation of the circumstances. Burn it down and start over – that’s my suggestion… And somebody feed those monkeys – they’re starting to sound stupid.

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