“Some will want to skip out on this bounty hunter.”

The Bounty Hunter is a new film from director Andy Tennant (Fools Gold, Hitch, Sweet Home Alabama). It is safe to say that this one reaches out to the comedy/action fans while still throwing a bone or two at the comedy/romance lovers. The issue is that it tries to do too much of both and this makes for a cluttered flick that runs in many directions. Plus it adds one too many oddball characters. These faults don’t spell disaster but keep it from the must see list.

Milo (Gerard Butler) is an ex cop turned bounty hunter who gets the skip of a lifetime when his ex wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) fails to appear in court for a traffic fine. But the problem is not in catching her but in hanging on to her. Nicole is a reporter on the trail of a story full of police cover up and foul play. The issue is can they work together for 48 hours without killing each other. All the while trying to stay a step ahead of murderers, dirty cops and one angry bookie.

Aniston always plays the same character. The names may change but the result is always Jennifer. But she is one of the few actors in which that works just fine. You forgive her because she makes the roles funny, witty and believable. She is so comfortable in being herself that the audience settles right in with her. And everyone wins. Butler still seems a little out of sorts in the romantic comedy realm but works perfect here where he can mix in plenty of action to balance it all out. The fact that they don’t have standout on screen chemistry works for the good. If it were a full on romantic comedy it would be harder to swallow.

For many the overdose of story lines and characters will seem a bit much. For others this will add to the movement of the film and make it more eventful. Again it goes back to trying to please both the romantic and the adventurer in the audience. Going in with the right mindset and gearing up for the ride might make it a win win for everyone.

The Bounty Hunter is rated PG-13 for sexual content including suggestive comments, language and some violence. The language at times is a bit heavy and leans toward the crude side of the scale. Never does it come in huge torrents but is sprinkled throughout. Keep that in mind when dragging your 16 and under movie goers with you. The Bounty Hunter gets 3 out of 5 bail bonds. A decent date movie but one that can easily be rented later. So says Matt Mungle

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