Haley Howard19 year old Hayley Howard disappeared last Saturday morning as she was on her way to her home in Slidell Louisiana. It was reported that the last she was seen was when she dropped off a friend at the University. Shortly after she left for home she had a flat tire but she told her boyfriend that some “nice people” had stopped and helped her change it and that she was heading back to Slidell. That was the last anyone had talked to her.

Pings from her cell phone were last picked up from the tower there at Irish Bayou. The reports are that the cell phone went dead after that around 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Search crews got together and were searching for Hayley five miles on in every direction from the cell tower.

This afternoon a dive team pulled a body of 19 year old Hayley Howard from the inside of a car that they located in the water in Irish Bayou near the I-10 twin spans. It was in the same area that the search crews were looking.

WDSU.com is reporting that the police are saying that it appears that the young student crashed into the bayou. They say foul play has not been immediately suspected and the investigation is being treated as a fatal accident. They said a toxicology report will be performed. The police say she was intoxicated.

I was hoping they would find Hayley alive with some wild story as to where she had been. This type of ending to an investigation is hard to handle for her family. My thoughts and my prayers are with them all right now. I pray that God will help them through this heart breaking time.

Jan Barrett

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