Melinda+DennySaturday the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office launched the search of a young Alabama woman, Melinda Denny after her boyfriend, Johnathon Nall was reported at a local gas station along I-12 near Madisonville, Louisiana threatening to commit suicide.

Earlier that morning the sheriff’s office received a call from Nall’s mother saying her son and his girlfriend were on their way to Texas when they ran out of money and gas and they needed help. Once a deputy located the couple, they assured him that they were OK. The deputy found a gun inside the couple’s car but there was no ammunition. The deputy let the couple go on their way once he was convinced they were OK.

Later that day the sheriff’s office got a call about Nall threatening to commit suicide. When the sheriff’s deputies arrived the man’s girlfriend was no where to be seen. Nall was taken into custody after the deputies fired a less-than-lethal round (bean bag) at him which apparently didn’t cause any significant injuries to the man. He was booked Tuesday in the St. Tammany Parish Jail with terrorizing and resisting an officer.

This morning around 10:15 a.m. while deputies on foot were searching, they discovered the body of a woman which has now been identified as the body of Melinda Denny. She was located just off Brewster Road between Highway 21 and 1077. The cause of death is not known until the coroner’s office conducts an autopsy.

In a press conference Sheriff Jack Strain said he is confident that the case will ultimately lead to the arrest of the boyfriend, Johnathon Nall. He also said that Nall has been very cooperative with the investigation.

My thoughts and prayers are with Melinda Denny’s family.

Jan Barrett

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