Richard Sandler first hit my radar a few months ago when I received a review copy of The Gods Of Times Square, which I enjoyed a lot. Gods is a very interesting piece of film making, it operates on many levels. At first sight it is just a documentary about the the slightly ‘off kilter’ folks who make New Yorks Times Square their pulpit to preach whatever strange doctrine they like. Mickey Mouse is the Antichrist one zealous preacher informs us. Yet there is much more to Gods, it documents the pivotal changes that occurred in Times Square. The arrival of the main stream media, in the shape of the Disney Company, led to a quick and ruthless clean up of the perceived problem.

I liked Richard’s understated style, he does not ‘script’ he merely records the events, it is the people themselves that tell the story, and they tell it in their own words.

I was impressed by Richard Sandler when I interviewed him. This is a guy with some very clear ideas. He is a New Yorker, he loves New York, and his work reflects it.

It turns out that Gods Of Times Square is not the only documentary that Richard has created. Richard is quite prolific in his output.

Just as Richard Sandler is not your ‘run of the mill’ movie maker, BNN is not your ‘run of the mill’ news organization, and so we are sponsoring a Richard Sandler Film Fest! For the next week we will be featuring a Richard Sandler movie each day.

Tomorrow we will be looking at  Everybody Is Hurting a rather stark look at 9/11 and the aftermath for New Yorkers.

Simon Barrett 

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