From Churchill’s Parrot blog.

After years of unabashed advocacy of the DNC agenda, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are now scrambling to prevent the Democrat Congress and the Obama Administration from making the most radical pro-abortion legislation in history, the law of the land.

Already stunned by Mr. Obama’s unblinking revocation of the Mexico City Policy which prevented U.S. tax payers funding the murder of the unborn in developing nations, the good Bishop’s are now a bit panicked that he and Congress now seek to enforce same domestically via the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

In short, this delectable piece of Leftism will:
1. Make abortion an entitlement, requiring American taxpayers to pay for abortions
2. Require states to allow “partial-birth” and other late-term abortions
3. Require states to allow abortions by non-physicians
4. Bar laws protecting the right of health care providers conscientious objection to performing abortion
5. Deny parents the opportunity to be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision
6. Invalidate laws to protect women from unsafe abortion clinics
7. Invalidate laws ensuring women are informed what abortion procedures actually entail. 

In other words, this legislation does nearly as much to murder fundamental American liberty as it does the unborn. 

The good Bishops, and the 54% of Catholics they sheparded toward voting Democrat, are now aghast that the leaders they elected into office have the audacity to assert the authority they have been given. 

A vigorous POST CARD CAMPAIGN – always an effective tactic for bringing about sweeping change – has been launched in retaliation.  Janitorial staff on The Hill have been alerted to expect a significant up tick in the need for recycling bin emptying in the coming weeks. 

Some might find it incongruous that American Catholic leadership – so long of the conviction that health care is a “right” to be guaranteed to all by government – might now take exception to that government’s doing what governments do, particularly when in the hands of Lefties. Its enough to make one think American Catholic leadership is uninformed, historically vacuous, and embarrassingly gullible.  But that can’t be the case. After all they have provided heroic leadership on such vital issues as climate change, open borders immigration, and funding ACORN …. Oops… we mean “community development.”

Despite our acidic cheek, we support the good Bishops in this particular aspect of their otherwise destitute political agenda.  For this, in truth, is a matter of Life, Liberty, and death.



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