Vaping is an easy hobby to get into. There are more starter kits to choose from than ever before, which means finding one that suits your personal preferences is easier. Even when you are not happy with the starter kits available on the market, you can construct your own personal kits using the hundreds of parts available right now.

To make the whole vaping experience even better, you have hundreds of vape juice flavors to try. The flavors are getting better and more varied; it is not surprising to find millions of people are now into vaping with the flavors being so enjoyable.

Getting started with vaping is fairly easy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its challenges. There is still so much to learn in order to enjoy the best vaping experience – or a vaping experience that suits you best. To help speed up that learning process, here are the best vaping tips from seasoned enthusiasts.

Watch the Tank

Many starter kits come with an atomizer that uses plastic or glass tank. The tank and the pre-built coil offers the most convenience while delivering a good vaping experience. Install the coil, fill the tank with vape juice, and you are good to go. You don’t have to replace the coil for several days. You just need to refill the tank, which is very easy.

While tank atomizers are the most practical to use, not all of them are created equal. Tanks made of plastic are more prone to cracking and leaking, especially when exposed to certain types of vape juice. Vape juice that contains a lot of menthol or cooling agent is frequently the cause of leaking tanks.

There are a few habits to get into if you want to avoid leaks ruining your entire kit. First of all, make sure you remove the atomizer from the mod – the main device that powers your atomizer – when not in use. This may not be the most practical way to go, but it is certainly safer than leaving the atomizer connected and risking leaks ruining the mod.

You should also check the atomizer when refilling the tank. Make sure the seal is intact and that the coil is in a good condition. Some vape juice flavors are notoriously bad for your coils; with sweeter flavors, for example, you will see a brown residue or gunk building up inside the coil. Regular maintenance is how you avoid leaks and further issues.

Safety First

Safety must always be a priority when vaping. Modern devices are designed to have multiple safety measures to protect you at all times. Mods now have overheating protection to allow you to vape without having to worry about getting burned or seeing the mod ruined by the heat.

Other measures including overcharging protection and firing safety are also put in place for a safer, more enjoyable vaping experience. when there is no atomizer attached, for instance, pressing the trigger button of the mod will only trigger a warning to install a coil. When the coil is not installed properly, the same warning will appear.

These safety measures are great, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on them entirely. There are simple habits you can get into in order to make the whole vaping experience even safer. That habit of disassembling the kit – including removing the battery – when you are not vaping is a good start.

Removing the battery is also recommended when traveling with your vaping kit. Whether you travel by air or you are going on a long road trip, removing the battery of your mods – and storing the battery in a safe container or case – is the way to go.

One other important safety tip to remember is to not leave your vaporizer in the car for a long time. When your car is parked during the day, the interior temperature gets really high really quickly. That high temperature is not good for your mods or the batteries inside them. You don’t just risk breaking the device, but also damaging your car.

Take Care of Yourself

The number of vape juice flavors and variants available on the websites of retailers like Blazed Vapes is simply amazing. You can try one flavor every week and still have hundreds to try at the end of the year. For more info on the best flavors and vaping accessories to pick up, simply visit a retailer and browse through their catalog.

Vaping is an enjoyable hobby and one that can get very intense when you are really into it. That said, you should always take care of yourself when vaping too. Just because the flavors are so enjoyable, doesn’t mean you can just chain-vape the whole time.

Drinking a lot of water is still highly recommended. When you vape a lot, you will feel your throat drying up. This is a natural reaction to vapor that gets amplified by the food-grade ingredients used to create different flavors in vape juice.

There is also something called vaper’s tongue. This is when you stop enjoying the flavors so much because of fatigue. Once again, drinking a lot of water helps remedy this issue and allows you to taste the flavors at their best again.

Another solution to vaper’s tongue is coffee beans. Sniff ground coffee beans whenever you feel like you no longer enjoy the flavors produced by your vape juice; don’t inhale the coffee, just let the aroma fill your lungs and clear your palette.


One last thing to understand about vaping is the fact that it is meant to be enjoyable. You don’t have to vape the way others vape. Many beginners aim to be a cloud-chaser upon seeing other enthusiasts. There is nothing wrong with chasing clouds but do it only when you enjoy tweaking your gear to produce the most vapor.

Going for the best, layered flavors is a good approach to take too. You don’t always have to produce the most vapor. As long as you can taste the flavors of your vape juice in an enjoyable way, nothing should stop you from vaping this way.

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