The truth of the matter is that you really don’t need Kindle to read ebooks from Amazon. In other words, smart phones are all you need for access to ebooks, music and television. These are some of the best apps for your smartphone.

From ebooks to music to live television – your smartphone can offer you unlimited entertainment. Here are 10 of the best apps.

Although Amazon’s Kindle has the slogan, ‘‘Buy once, read anywhere’, the bookseller has also made reading easier with a number of free apps. Despite the fact that you don’t own a Kindle ereader, you can still download from Amazon and read your books on the go.  And if you do have a Kindle, the applications will synchronize so you can read and pick up where you left off on another device.

The BBC player is free for the iPad, Blackberry, and the Android. BBC claims its app as the first of many, and the iPlayer is essentially a mobile experience utilizing the web browser. However, BBC’s new apps, create a more stable experience and it also makes it easy to navigate. Although these devices are wifi only, they do offer the advantage of watching live TV.

A music acc that is popular is ‘Spotify’, which gves users unlimited access to music lovers to a huge library of music through WiFi or 3G. This program is available on the iPhone, Android, Ovi, Palm free and as a f10 subscription too.

Sky+ is also available of iPad, iPhone and the Android, developed by ipad app developers and android app developers. This enables you to record TV shows from the pub. Some say, that this is why the Internet was invented.

And Remote is free for the iPad and the iPhone.

This is, in essence, Apple’s way of showing you the magic behind apps, by putting you in control of the iTunes library remotely, through a Wifi. You can Play, Skp and add new playlists.

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