It’s not often that political parties feel the need to muzzle themselves, and yes, I agree that it would be a wonderful thing if this would happen more often, but in this particular case I’m not so sure if it would be the right thing to do. A German Communist in the ever-growing Left party has openly called for the return of the Stasi and has defended the Berlin Wall and, well, more power to you lady. I really think the people out there should know what the Left party is all about.

Sure, lots of disgruntled ex-FRG and West-Berlin type Germans have mumbled and grumbled over the years about bringing back the Berlin Wall after their disappointment about how many things have turned or not turned out following German reunification (think bad attitude and cost), but none of them really meant it, or at least I don’t believe they did. But here you have a dyed-in-the-wool Communist in an active political party on the upswing (okay, trapped forever in its extreme leftwing ghetto, but on an upswing all the same), in Germany, calling for the return of the Stasi?

Maybe I missed something again, but I don’t even think the Left party is all that hot on the Stasi. Oops, wrong. I stand corrected. I’ve just been informed that the Left party wimmelt (is riddled with) ex-Stasi types (the old PDS stood for Partei der Stasi, I think). And that adds up now, being as it is the natural home for the DKP, too.

So charge on, comrade or comrade lady or comrade woman or even person or what ever it is you get called. Give the people what they want.

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