So let’s begin. Seemingly the only guy on the SPD side of Germany’s ruling grand coalition who was able to manage a realistic balance between the two Volkspartei rivals, Vice Chancellor Franz Münterfering has finally had enough of his party’s recent shift back to the left and has resigned in disgust.

No one doubts that he wishes to care for his gravely-ill wife, the official reason he gave for his resignation, but his Genossen (comrades) over at SPD Party Headquarters have done everything in their power to weaken Mr. Consensus Builder during their latest populist panic rush for votes from the left. And now it seems as though the grand coalition party is finally over. Or it’s about to end, at least.

And this is a good thing. Calling new elections would make perfect sense, as the SPD’s continued drop in popularity among German voters will only make their famously unpredictable sudden twitching and turning all the more likely. They don’t know where to go anymore. Even the staunchest SPD supporter must see that it’s high time for the party’s forty years in the desert. The SPD has to go back into opposition where it belongs and reinvent itself, find its Tony Blair, so-to-speak, and start all over again. Geh mit Gott aber geh (vaya con Dios, but vaya) already.

The SPD is doing Germany a service. They are seeing to it that Angela Merkel will be reinstated with the clear vote of confidence she and her party deserve and that a coalition with their natural coalition partner, the FDP, takes power instead. And who says the Greens can’t play a role here, too? It could have worked two years ago, but nobody was ready for that yet. Now everything’s possible again.

Alles Gute, Franz. And don’t forget to shut the lights off when you leave.

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