Not only are the Beckhams moving to the US but they are also moving onto our small screens.

Ex-Spice girl Victoria Beckham and her husband soccer legend ‘David Beckham’ are considering launching their own reality t.v show, following their newly acquinted life in the states.

A souce told People, “At the moment neither David nor Victoria are majorly famous in the States, but starring in their own show on one of America’s biggest channels would catapult them to instant stardom.”

David Beckham and his pop star wife, known as Posh, announced earlier this month that theyd be moving to LA. Becks has signed a five-year contract with the LA Galaxy soccer team, a deal which is reportedly the greatest deal in sports history. Rumors about his salary and endorsements have rose to $250 million.

“After discussing several options with my family and advisers to either stay here at Madrid or join other major British and European clubs, I have decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and play in the MLS from August this year,” the soccer star announced earlier this year.

WAx figure’s of the pair have recently been imported from London to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York.

“Their appearance is meant to honor the real Beckhams’ hotly anticipated move to the United States in the spring,” the museum said.

The Beckhams are also set to sign a 17,736,410 million dollar deal to launch their best-selling perfumes in the US – the his and her ‘Intimately Beckham’ range, which has already been a huge hit in the UK.  

Victoria arrived in LA, earlier this week, to begin househunting. She’s reportedly planning on supplying her 3 sons wiht football themed bedrooms, costing close to 98,000 dollars.

Among the many ticket-buyers for this season, since Beckham’s signing, include such celebrities as Rod Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Spielburg. “It has been quite amazing,” said club spokesperson Patrick Donnelly. “We do have lots of celebrity fans.”

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