This has been a wholly successful coup by the Right in Britain.

Let’s track back a couple of years. David Cameron led a Con/LibDem Coalition. This was anathema to the Tory Rightand their media supporters ( The Spectator, ConHome, The Daily Mail, the Telegraph newspapers etc etc). It also opened the way to UKIP who has won a European election and were growing – and succeeding also at the local level. The journey from Right Wing Tory to Kipper was a short one. Few in the public eye took it – Carswell, Reckless and a few others – but many voters did. The Powellite/Thatcherite (pictured above: Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher) wing of the Conservative Party never went away. Post John Major attempts were made by them to impose one of their own (IDS, Howard) unsuccessfully. The centre held and especially so with the Coalition.

Cameron having done a deal with Clegg was constantly attacked by the Right – the best term to describe them is “Neo-Thatcherite”. Europe was the rallying issue. They were all hard core Eurosceptics. As of course was UKIP. In the European Parliament PR delivered a lot of them and they were wreckers. At Westminster FPTP did not which led some on the Right (Toby Young, James Delingpole…) to propose an electoral pact. Cameron watched what was happening and decided that he would commit to an EU Referendum – and an In/Out one. Lynton Crosby delivered the destruction of the LibDems. No more Coalition ! Cameron with a majority.

If as he expected to Cameron had won the EURef the Right wouldn’t have gone away – but they would have been marginalised. But helped by the crucial positioning of Leave.UK (Farage and Banks and Co,) the unthinkable happened. “Leave” won! Suddenly Tory politics were transformed. For the first time since 1990 the Right was top of the pile. Cameron had to go – he went. Then Boris has to be put in place – the popular, irrepressible, pliable, nakedly ambitious Boris. It was his for the taking. He blew it. Momentary panic! Call for Gove. Call for Leadsome (who?) but then Mrs May took her chance. She wasn’t really “One of Them” but she gave assurances that she could become one.

Theresa May’s hold on power was in the hands of the triumphant Tory Right. She would do what they said. Brexit would mean Brexit – and so on. Suddenly the coup had triumphed. The blessed Margaret was avenged. The horrid Brussels of Juncker and co was defeated, and the right sort of Tories took to the stage again.

Now UKIP – the useful fools who set all this up – have tanked in the local elections and have no chance in June under a lightweight and dim-witted leader with none of Farage’s  faux charm and bravado. They’ve done their job. The Cameroons have gone away. The voters, repelled by the preposterous Corbyn, have shrugged the odd shoulder and voted for the unified Right. The Conservative Party.

To believe that “Moderate politics” have not vanished you need to assume that May is a moderate (no evidence of that) and that the Tory Right will give up some of their hold on power. No chance. Theresa May, emboldened by a big General Election win, will head the most Right Wing Government since Thatcher and possibly more Right Wing than that! We were in Europe under Thatcher with the checks and balances and context that provided. Under May nothing will restrain her and her Rightist team. Not the defeated and clueless opposition. Not the EU. Not the decent One Nation Tories. None of them. We’re doomed ?


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