image Every day, Sderot–the little town near the Gaza Strip in Western Israel–is hit with countless Qassam Rockets. Some days only a few rockets are fired, at random, into the streets of Sderot. Other days several dozen fall down amongst the heads of the civilian population there. It’s hard to believe anyone would call that an attack against “occupying forces.” Still, the Israelis are ignored in their plight, as their men, women, and children are targeted indiscriminately by the terrorists in Gaza.

Now, as an American, I’m not terribly familiar with a Qassam. They look like giant fireworks, but pack a much fiercer punch. This is not to say that they are terribly effective weapons, but they are certainly devices of terror.

Production of the Qassam began in September 2001 during the al-Aqsa Intifada.

The Qassam was developed by Nidal Fat’hi Rabah Farahat and Mohamed Khaled and named after Izz ad-Din al-Qassam who led a group of fighters in the 1930’s. So, one cannot argue that it’s a fitting choice of title: an object of Terror named after a Terrorist.

Indeed, many Israelis view the Qassams more as “more a psychological than physical threat.

Still, imagine the constant fear–the paranoia! Imagine your town was subjected to a constant barrage of rocket fire? Even if the missiles themselves were poorly designed. The terrorists fire these things at random, we must remember, and they strike innocents. A rocket will kill you, even if it is a lousy one. And yet, the media responds to all of this as though these “crude” rockets were nothing more than a minor nuisance.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want any sort of rocket fired at my town. Would any American? Would anybody anywhere?

So About that Qassam….

The rocket contains four small stabilizing wings on one end, a middle section containing the engine, and an attached warhead with a detonating fuse on the other end. The rocket is constructed from iron approximately 2.5-3mm thick.

Qassam rockets are fueled by mixture of sugar and potassium nitrate, which is a widely available fertilizer. The warhead is filled with TNT and urea nitrate.

They are free-flying rockets, utilizing no guidance system.

Basically, they’re big steel tubes filled with explosives that Hamas fires off at random, while hiding themselves behind masks (as Islamic extremists are prone to do out of…shame?)

I mean, in discussing the anatomy of a Qassam, there’s just not all that much to say…they’re the technological evolution that occurred when throwing rocks proved too ineffective. In that regard, Hamas did well. Blowing up children is a much more effective way to meet with Israeli reaction and bring hellfire down on your head.

The only thing accomplished by Hamas in their use of Qassams, aside from killing innocent Israeli civilians, is bringing more death and chaos to their own people. In the end, that is the legacy of the Qassam. The lives of innocent Jews and Arabs.

And peace will never happen while the Qassams keep falling.


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