The problem with the United States is that we have no stomach for any type of prolonged conflict. That is the one weakness that is becoming quite clear to our enemies around the world.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the gutless congress amid its howling for withdrawal is close to forcing the President to fold like a cheap suit and bring our forces home.

The two biggest miscalculations President Bush made in the lead up to the war, was first to leave the impression that we would have the war won and be back in a few months. The second mistake he made was to believe that the American people would have patience for anything much less a war.

One only has to consult a history book to know that “nation building” is something that takes decades, not months or years. The saddest thing about this whole affair is that Usama Bin Laden was right about us. We are just a “paper tiger” and when body bags start coming home we lose our will to fight.

Our soldiers fought bravely and did an outstanding job, but unfortunately these days its gutless politicians that decide the outcome of a war not the soldiers.

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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