The American Fantasy Elections

Never in my lifetime have I seen an American election so largely distorted by lies and fantasies. Where it will go no one can really predict at this point. But we know that much of the public has been fed a distorted world of facts and fictions. Imagine what will happen if the Republicans prosper: reforms will be blocked; those in need (including many former middle class) will be evicted from their homes and jobs.

We have been fed what polite language cannot post here. The Republicans have been running to defeat Obama since he was elected — he is not born in American, his medical plan will bankrupt the country (even if saving lives), it is his fault that the Chinese have stolen our jobs by cheap and abused labor and currency games; taxing the super rich will bankrupt us — their tax rate used to 90%. Now they can hide their untaxed monies in Switzerland and through unregulated tax games. Our drug companies are making out like bandits as are profit-making medical insurance. Oil is similarly both profiting and putting our nation at risk. BP does not mean British petroleum — most of its wells are run out of small countries that take its pay offs but have no powers to regulate.

In short our greedy corporate CEOs now own and operate the U.S. — with help from the Supreme Court. God help our middle class — about 50% or more of us slipping down the rabbit hole. Sadly they may learn what the Republicans have in store for them — shelters for them and their children rather than their homes and possessions.



As the fragments below from Gail Collins’ Op-Ed today suggests, we are living in a fantasy world here in the U.S.

“My own personal worst campaign moment came at the New York gubernatorial debate, when the lights went up to reveal seven contenders vying for the right to lead the state, one of whom was famous only for her claim to be the madam who supplied Eliot Spitzer with prostitutes.

“This was possibly the worst debate I ever saw, and while some of that was due to the fact that the Republican, Carl Paladino, was preoccupied by his need to go to the bathroom, the big problem was all those third-party candidates clogging up the stage. I’m beginning to think we make it too easy to clutter the ballot with names of people who want to run for office only because they lack the money to achieve their true objective, which is to have a large poster of their face looming over Times Square year round, or at least get a continuing part in a reality TV show”.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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