Somehow, and I am sure it wasn’t me, I got signed  up to the ‘Conservative Book Club’. Every single day I get a newsletter from these Wing Nuts. The one today was outstanding!

Apparently some companies have pulled their advertisements from Sean Hannity’s nightly ‘news’ program on Fox News. As best I can tell, the problem is about an interview that Hannity did with would be senator Roy Moore. There is little doubt that Moore is a toxic subject and Hannity giving him a super soft Charmin Toilet Paper experience clearly annoyed some advertisers.

Keurig was one of the advertisers that told Fox News to not air their advertisements during the Hannity program. Good taste precludes me from giving a link to the Conservative Book Club, but I am sure a quick search on Google will sate your hunger.

OK, on with the fun, here is the start of the email:

Coffeemaker company Keurig has come under heavy fire for pulling advertising from Sean Hannity’s show over Hannity’s interview with Roy Moore. Many conservatives have decided to rage against their machines and boycott Keurig — are you among them? Tell us if you’re boycotting Keurig in our poll below!

This is where it gets really fun, the results of the Poll.

Will 89% of Keurig owners smash their very expensive coffee maker to support some wing nut? I tend to think not, but who knows…..

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