Remember what a great job for the Republican Party that the conservative media did to both originally get George Bush elected and then re-elected.  The first term of the current administration was chaotic, but the benefit of the doubt carried over from primarily patriotic fervor throughout the country.  No doubt the re-election editorials and the protestations of the speakers of the press on both TV and radio were more shrill and strained as the polls opened the second time, nevertheless they were able to carry the day with some margin for the current President.
The scene has shifted now.  Rush and Sean and their like and the Big City papers are overwhelmed by their peers in the liberal press, Hollywood and the online blogs.  For a media that has been awake only about ten years, the online news is extremely effective.  Even the Big City press is publishing the complete daily news online.  Moreover, the declining daily readership of these papers in print means that the editorial content is not as widely read.  Hollywood was denigrated as a non-factor until the persistent efforts combined with the correct viewpoint in retrospect combined to overwhelm the inaccuracies of the administration.  There can be no doubt that the Republican mantra of Big Oil and Big Detroit has been discredited now that we all realize that public transportation and smaller cars would negate the need for Middle Eastern oil.  When the powers in office deny global warming when we can all see what’s up and consistently egregiously misreport the national stats, the liberal press overwhelms those of the media who follow the administration line.  There does not seem to be any more difficult business to me than publishing a national magazine, it’s interesting to see how effective Vanity Fair, GQ and their cousins have been in promoting the anti-administration point of view without seeming desperate about it.  The Administration paints the canvas for them and their in-depth, on the scene reporting interestingly brings reality home when say the military clams up professionally Westmoreland style. 
We haven’t even discussed the emergence of the alternative press with its investigative more or less local style.  The point here is that there are more arms of the media than ever before and the future will bring even better distribution methods.  We should change many of the points of emphasis of the Bush administration and the media is providing us with a broad range of data and opinions from which to base our vote.  No doubt the next administration whether Republican or Democrat will stray from the optimum as they get stuck with their platform and power corrupts.  It appears that we will have the means to distribute and comment freely to be effective in exercising our national will the American way and correcting the path to the national consensus.  Those who believe the media will not impose a requirement upon our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches to meet the national will are going to be disappointed in their efforts to govern.

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