I have never sailed on the Love Boat, but I remember watching the television show as a child. After finishing a cruise on the Love Boat, there might be another boat one should board if there just a little too much love on the Love Boat. Welcome to the abortion boat where Charro will not be entertaining anyone. Please watch your step as you board the vessel.

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts began a Dutch-based group known as The Women on Waves Foundation in 1999 as a means of promoting women’s rights and pro-choice. Gathering up the needed equipment and a medical team, The Women on Waves Foundation began the abortion boat as a means of helping those in countries where abortions are still illegal. Once aboard the abortion boat, there are no laws after the crew have sailed far enough out of the current country’s legal jurisdiction . An added bonus to this floating abortion clinic is that the treatment is free.

The abortion boat has visited countries such as Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Ecuador, to name a few. You can only imagine the disgust that many of these strongly Catholic nations feel for this international service. Protests are common when the boat comes to shore to pick up patients. There have even been instances of people throwing eggs at the boat.

Fortunately, The Women at Waves Foundation have permission to carry on with business as usual from the Dutch Health Ministry. But the road has been rocky as this wasn’t always the case. The boat was banned in 2004 when the public health minister Clémence Ross declared that it could no longer travel outside of a 25 km radius from Amsterdam’s Slotervaart hospital. However, in 2007, The Women on Waves Foundation were again granted permission to travel in international waters and have since been sailing the ocean blue. Somehow though, I doubt they will ever have smooth sailing.

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