First there was the Book of Judas and now the Book of Chan. First it was the Vatican and now the Great Wall in John Brinster’s new book The Abduction: The Sacred Legend Of the Great Wall. The plot begins on a sunny cruiseship. The heroine and part-time damsel-in-distress Anne Duchin. Along side her acquired friend and partner in Romance Lamont Litchfield. From Oxford and Harvard respectively, they are exploring China in search of a number of seals leading to a book that would revolutionize 2000 years of Christianity. Anne is here because her late husband possessed 29 of the seals.

Lamont is a Harvard professor that is lecturing on the cruiseship. Although Anne and Lamont’s first encounter is on the ship they join forces in Beijing. The adventure takes both on sea and land and explores time periods from biblical to the renaissance to the present. Anne and Lamont also explore the unique culture that was where the great wall and the silk road converged and the still modern culture that exists there today because of the influences.

The plot reaches the climax when they find enough of the seals and enough technology to create a map and find the Book of Chan! However there is a secret international council of highly placed religious leaders bent on keeping this Book of Chan and their religions safe from speculation that this Book of Chan would bring.

The Book tells the tale of how a Chinese ambassador named Chan Chan rose to position in the Chinese court before the Birth of Christ. Because of his position or his rise to power he and a close follower were to follow the path of his father to the West to liason with the mushrooming Roman Empire. It was during this journey he heard the story of the Christ child and what he power he would have.

Chan had acquired an arab wife during his long journey and she had just given birth to twins, Chan I and Chan II. Ambassador Chan decided that to insure Chinese power and undermine any further conquests of the Roman Empire in China’s direction that he would “switch” the boys. It had already been noticed that the Chan children looked like the baby Jesus when the families had met. No one would notice. Chan I would be in good care of Jesus’ parents and in the middle of the night he pulled it off.

It was laster supposed the “resurrected” Jesus was actually the real Jesus instead of the imposter that was Chan I who was crucified for his teachings and purported miracles. Ambassador Chan returned to China to find himself unpopular with the new government and settled down with this silk-weaving family on the western edge of the Great Wall at the entrance to the silk road and catalogued his story.

It is this story that Ann and Lamont must find before the world religious leaders destroy the important history forever! Written the genre of the Da Vinci code the reader is up for danger and fast paced adventure, seasoned with love in, “The Abduction.”

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