In part 1 we discovered that I did not in fact receive a laptop, rather a fake Gucci ladies wallet. Needless to say I contacted the company and politely pointed out that if I wanted a fake Gucci’s ladies wallet I would have ordered one.

Yes I walked into thins knowing that it was a scam, but wanted to see how it would play out. Every 2 days the was an update on the tracking number. By the shipping company EMS. China is a long way away, but the time was dragging on, it does not take a month to air freight a package to the US.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, this was the last update.

Yesterday I sent an email, asking where was my stinking Laptop?

This was the reply I received

Be very careful exploring the links. One is down, and one is riddled with viruses.

Once I had stopped laughing, it was time for some research. The mere idea that I would send them money via Western Union is out of the question, however, it is a way to possibly uncover their identity. I shall think about that. My next target was the web site Here they have been very clever, they have put it behind Cloudflare, which means the real IP address is hidden. This is similar to the way TOR operates.

Wewmax advertises mainly on Facebook. Maybe if they can be removed from that platform it would cut off one source of revenue.

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