A few weeks ago I reviewed a book, Wrestling With The Goddess, written by a young man Azeem Kayum. He has faced adversity in his short life that I can not even think of. He loves the world of wrestling, but physical limitations preclude him from even being an announcer. So compelling was his life story that I offered Azeem the opportunity to at least have an outlet to talk about wrestling. Please welcome Azeem, he is now Blogger News Network’s official Wrestling corespondent. Simon Barrett – Editor   

Wrestlemania has always been the pinnacle of pro wrestling. Every wrestler’s
dream is to headline the big event. Just to be part of it, no matter where you are on the card, is an honor. This year, is the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. It takes place on April 5, 2009, from the Reliant Stadium, in Houston Texas.

Now, there has only been one match confirmed. That match is referred to as “Money in the Bank.” It is a ladder match, and the objective is to climb a ladder, and grab a suspended briefcase. Inside the briefcase is a contract which states that the winner will receive a Heavyweight Championship match of their choosing, anytime over the next year. No other matches have been confirmed, but based on what has happened over the past couple of months, I will make some educated guesses, as to what matches could be at the event.

The will be two main events and both will be for the Heavyweight Championships. Triple H will defend the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Orton won the Royal Rumble Match, and earned the right to meet a Champion of his choosing. Triple H won an “Elimination Chamber” match, which began with then-champion, Edge, getting eliminated. This match would occur because over the past few weeks, Randy Orton has been having issues with the McMahon family (Vince, Shane, and Stephanie). Orton attacked Stephanie McMahon. Triple H came out to check on her. Later in the week, it became known that Triple H and Stephanie were married (something publicly that was never known until the attack, but in reality, they have been married for
some time.) So, that will put this battle on a very personal level. I think Randy Orton will secure the title because Triple H may be very angry, and that would cost him the Championship.

The other main event could be Edge defending the World Championship against John Cena. Personally, I hope this match happens, because these two always have great matches. In fact, I witnessed a match between these two at “Unforgiven” in 2006. It was a lot of fun to watch live. Edge won the Championship at “No Way Out,” by sneaking into the Raw “Elimination Chamber” Match. He pinned John Cena early in the match, eliminating him. Recently, Cena has been demanding a rematch, but Edge has shown no interest in granting Cena his wish. But, I am sure it will happen at Wrestlemania, and it will be another great match.

The Undertaker made his Wrestlemania debut at Wrestlemania 7. He has been undefeated in every Wrestlemania match he has been in (16-0). This year, he may be facing a man who is dubbed as “Mr. Wrestlemania,” Shawn Michaels. Michaels always performs best at the big event, hence the moniker. I hope this match occurs. It has never happened before at a Wrestlemania. These are two legends that can still entertain a crowd and get them on their feet. If Shawn wins, he would be the only man to ever beat the Undertaker. If the Undertaker wins, he goes to 17-0 at Wrestlemania. Now, as much as I like Shawn Michaels, I feel the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania winning record is special, phenomenal and unbelievable. So, because of that, I would like the Undertaker to continue the streak that nobody should break……ever. I think the Undertaker will retire at some point, and I hope he will do so….. with his Wrestlemania undefeated streak in tact.

Those are some of the matches I see occurring at Wrestlemania 25. Every match would have its own story to tell. It will be a lot of fun to watch these matches, and the others that will be added, just to see who wins, and how the battles unfold.

Enjoy Wrestlemania 25. It will be exciting, thrilling and sensational.

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