I really don’t know what to make of this or how the 7th century civilization of Islam will deal with a 21st century invention. Women who would rather not wear a burqa can now slip around it electronically.

Well, that’s the idea. Muslim men can not control their actions so they must control a woman’s. But not for long. This will keep the imams up at night.

A Berlin-based artist has invented a digitally-enabled robe that will send an image of a woman’s face — or anything else — via Bluetooth.

A burqa may not be the flirtiest garment ever invented for women. The highly modest head-to-toe robe even shrouds the eyes, so for centuries it’s been difficult for women wearing them to send suggestive signals to men.

But now a German designer has debuted a digitally-enabled burqa that can broadcast a photo of the wearer to nearby mobile phones. Markus Kison calls it the “Charming Burka,” and says it isn’t forbidden by Islamic law.

Well, that’s yet to be seen. Sorry for the pun.

Kison says the burqa has a “digital layer” that incorporates a Bluetooth antenna, which lets women “decide for themselves where they want to position themselves virtually.” Nearby mobile phones that also use Bluetooth will light up with any small file a woman chooses to broadcast as her identity — a photo, a cartoon, a text file or even a sound clip.

Or perhaps a flash of calf or elbow? Down Mohammad, down.

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